Client Testimonials

client testimonialsBuilding your Dream House is a Once-in-a-Lifetime experience and the single largest financial investment that most families will make in their entire lifetime. Emotional and Financial investments of this magnitude should not be taken lightly and doing business with someone you trust is as important to you as it is to us.

In today’s technology driven world, searching for home construction loans begins and ends with the Internet and there’s no better way of getting to know HomeConstructionLoans.com and Arroyo Consulting Group than by letting our construction loan and construction consulting clients speak for us.  Each testimonial represents a dream come true for our clients and making dreams come true is what we’re all about!


Glendale, CA

Glendale CADeciding to work with Ty was one of the best decisions we could make for the future of our family, this was because we were putting our life savings on the line for this project. He guided us every step of the way, providing industry insight and confidence in our project. Getting a home construction loan was a new experience for us and Ty answered all of our questions, which were more than you can imagine! He helped finance the purchase of our vacant lot which was only vacant due to a fire that destroyed the previous home and stayed with us all the way through the construction project.

He was direct and didn’t sugar coat anything which allowed us to accurately prepare for every step of the process. We are almost done with construction and he is still checking in to make sure everything is running smoothly. I highly recommend working with Ty to receive a home construction loan.
Nicholas & Jessica Comorre, Homeowners – Glendale, CA

Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills2For nearly 20 years we have counted on Ty Kirkpatrick and David Sutherland to help dozens of our over 300 home building clients through the construction financing process. They were instrumental is providing financing for this ultra-modern, high-end speculative/investor project in Beverly Hills with just over 10,000 square feet of living space. We have seen several clients turned away or frustrated by national-branded banks that were successfully financed by HomeConstructionLoans.com and Arroyo Consulting Group.

Not only do they have several competitive funding sources, but they have often provided Single Close loans that allowed our clients to lock-in the permanent mortgage before we even started building their homes. Beyond helping our clients, we counted on them when we needed construction financing for our own family homes in Redondo Beach and Los Angeles. We highly recommend them to anyone contemplating home construction.
Michael Cunningham, General Contractor, C&C Partners – Redondo Beach, CA

San Francisco 2San Francisco, CA

Building on the two lots we own in the city has been a dream of ours for years, but figuring out exactly how to do it kept holding us back. David was without doubt the missing piece to our puzzle. His knowledge of the market and incredible patience with us as we worked through the process…were so incredibly helpful. We closed on the loan and are breaking ground on the first phase, thank you for all of your expertise David!”
Julia Campbell, Homeowner – San Francisco, CA

Encino, CA

Encino, CA”As a seasoned developer, having been through the market down turn and now experiencing its revival, there weren’t many options available for SPEC financing. We build custom high end homes and the need to leverage our dollar and expand into multiple projects was a must. David Sutherland of HomeConstructionLoans.com and Arroyo Consulting Group were exactly what we were looking for.

David and his firm had access to multiple SPEC lenders allowing us to grow and strike while the market was still hot. We found him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and, most importantly, very responsive…could not recommend anyone or business for that matter more highly!”
Gil Charash, Builder/Developer –  Los Angeles, CA  President, AMG Group

Dana Point, CA

Dana Point, CA“Ty Kirkpatrick, and HomeConstructionLoans.com, came highly recommended by my long-time Private Banker at Wells Fargo. They had worked together in the past and I understand several loan officers at Wells Fargo refer their construction clients to Ty because of his 20+ year history as a construction specialist.

Because I have my hand in several complex business entities that are continually evolving, underwriting and approving my loan requests can be extremely challenging. While the paperwork heavy and the process lengthy, Ty successfully guided me through the process, presented my file in it’s most favorable light and achieve a creative and attractive solution.”

“Not only did he help me through the financing and approval process, but he remained my valued-consultant throughout nearly two full years of construction. My gorgeous new home is now complete and I wake up every morning to breathtaking views of the the Pacific Ocean. I can say without a doubt that Arroyo Consulting Group and the financing solutions they provided plans a most critical role. Arroyo Consulting Group, specifically Ty Kirkpatrick and David Sutherland have my respect, full support and I recommend them without reservation.”
Ricardo Salas, Homeowner – Dana Point, CA

Studio City, CA

Studio City, Ca“I just finished selling two SPEC homes in Studio City, California for over $6 million where Ty D. Kirkpatrick and Arroyo Consulting Group provided the financing. They were able pull off something I haven’t found previously, that is to provide a single loan for the lot acquisition/lot split and construction funding in one process.

The last project we completed prior to using Arroyo Consulting Group I had to pay a 11% interest rate and 3 points for JUST the acquisition loan. I had to then turn around and get a whole new loan to build the houses. We are now working on a new project in Sherman Oaks where Arroyo Consulting Group is once again providing Lot Acquisition and Construction financing, on a residential SPEC development project, with one loan . . . and at a rate under 6%.”

“Their dedication to construction-specific financing saves us considerable time and aggravation so that we can concentrate on just building and selling fine custom homes. The fact that they are doing it with one loan and a much lower rate saves us well over $50,000 in interest and finance charges. Most of all I like that I can reach after 5pm and on the weekend when necessary. We have not found their level of expertise and true service anywhere else. We highly recommend Ty Kirkpatrick and David Sutherland.”
Avi Peretz, General Contractor – Studio City, CA

Pacific Palisades, CA

Beverly Hills“A few years back I was fortunate to find Ty D. Kirkpatrick on-line. His firm, Arroyo Consulting Group has now arranged SPEC Builder/ Home Development loans for three separate projects of mine in the past 2 years, totaling over $15 million. The luxury homes I design, build and sell typically exceed 10,000 square feet of living area and take two years to build.

My projects, have clearly benefited from Ty Kirkpatrick’s wealth of construction-specific knowledge and long track record of success in Southern California. Ty has repeatedly leveraged his deep banking relationships to my clearly tangible benefit; providing the aggressive and and flexible terms I require. His ability to switch lending sources in order to broaden the options recently helped me secure a $4.9 million development loan. Whether it is for a developer like myself, or a homeowner hiring a builder to construction their dream home, I enthusiastically recommend Ty and Arroyo Consulting Group. Inc.”
David Herskowitz, David Herskowitz Construction – Pacific Palisades, CA

Manhattan Beach, CA

“Wow, what a process. I don’t even know where to begin. We found Arroyo Consulting Group and HomeConstructionLoans.com  through a Google search for Home Construction Loans in Los Angeles. Amazingly we landed with an expert that has funded over a dozen construction loans in Manhattan Beach, a city of just over 35,000 people. Ty and David helped us each step of the way to successfully navigate past one ridiculously low appraisal and the underwriter’s odd focus on Contingent Liabilities. There was a difference in valuation of nearly 30% and Manhattan Beach, CAwhile it took some time he eventually conquered It. He actual saw to it that the lower of two appraisal reports was thrown out.”

“We just started construction last week and I am fairly certain that without Ty and David we would have either not got the loan approved or would have paid several tens of thousands of dollars for the financing. Amazingly, the loan is a 30-year loan, fixed for the first 10 years at 2.5%. Did we benefit from working with Ty and David?

Not only was his expertise with construction lending essential, but the next best option for financing construction was a 7-year loan at 3.75%. That is a huge amount of money. Did I mentioned the loan he arranged was based on the Future Value, rather than the Cost of Construction? This alone kept us from needing to rob our retirement account of a few extra hundred thousand dollars out of pocket? Our trust and confidence were very well place with Ty Kirkpatrick and his partner David Sutherland.”
Steve & Jill Tallman, Homeowners – Manhattan Beach, CA

Pacific Palisades, CA

Pacific Palisades“As a successful attorney I earn my living through conducting in-depth research, accurately reading people and then making well-information choices on complex situations. Because of his long-established expertise with construction lending Ty Kirkpatrick, David Sutherland and Arroyo Consulting Group were referred to me by my extremely capable mortgage broker of many years. After our first few minutes on the phone it was very clear construction lending can be complicated, is a true niche and I was talking with an expert.”

“I am extremely busy with work and family; I have no time for miscues, mistakes or wasting time. I greatly appreciated their ability to take a complex subject and present me with the facts needed to compare, contrast and clearly make the best decision. I was able to lock-in a 30-year loan, fixed for the first 10 years at an incredible 2.5% interest rate that combined both the construction and permanent financing into a single loan. I am still amazed and highly recommend them to anyone contemplating building their Dream Home either on vacant land or in my case, by completing demolishing and rebuilding new.”
Stephanie Yonekura, Homeowner – Pacific Palisades, CA

Irvine/Shady Canyon, CA

Irvine“I first came across the gentlemen at Arroyo Consulting Group through one of my private bankers at Union Bank.  I had been with Union for years and trusted the referral, and I am glad that I did.

David made everything incredibly easy for me/us, and even though I am in the financial industry myself…..construction lending was new to me, but David made the entire process seamless one.  During the process we had life changing event and the project was temporarily put on hold.  David talked me through my options, and in the end we moved forward and I am glad that we did.

We now have a beautiful home that my family enjoys every day.  We were very fortunate to have a great builder, and even more so to have a great team like David and Ty to take us through the financing and completion of our home.  It is my pleasure to recommend both David Sutherland and Ty Kirkpatrick along with their company HomeConstructionLoans.com for anyone thinking of building their dream home.”
John Hindman, Homeowner – Irvine/Shady Canyon, CA

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Rancho Palos Verdes“Over a year and a half ago my business partners and I purchased one of the last few sizable pieces of vacant land in Rancho Palos Verdes. We will be building a 5,000+ square foot home for resale upon completion.

Despite having no previously developed real estate, Ty Kirkpatrick and Arroyo Consulting Group were able to help us secure a $2 million SPEC development loan at very competitive terms. As you can imagine, my partners and I learned a great deal about the financing along the way and are thankful Ty and David Sutherland were continually available to answer our many questions.

No knowing what to expect or what was customary, we were a little concerned when the process seemed lengthy, but were pleasantly reassured when a Private Banker we do other business at First Republic Bank independently and without solicitation confirmed Ty was indeed the expert and the loan terms were extremely competitive. We look forward to finishing our project and turning an attractive profit. We recommend Ty Kirkpatrick and and his partner David Sutherland for construction lending.”
Justin Reese, Mark Muzaffar & Josh Herbst, Investors – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Pacific Palisades, CA

“My wife and I could not be happier with Arroyo Consulting Group. Ty Kirkpatrick and David Sutherland really went the extra mile in arranging financing for our very challenging project. We own a beautiful multi-million dollar residential property with a great ocean view in a prime area of the Pacific Palisades. We started development of a complex, steep hillside vacant lot a few years back, self-funding a great deal of the project for nearly two years. We thought building equity through self-funding was the right course of action and that lenders would Pacific Palisadeslook favorably on the increased equity when we were ready to work with a bank.”

“After searching several months for financing it was clear that no one wanted to lend on a project under construction. I spoke with over a dozen major banks and was repeatedly told that “we don’t lend on a property once the work has begun, particularly one nearly 80% complete”. One of the last few banks I spoke with referred me to Ty and David as “construction loan specialists” who had assisted other clients their bank turned away.

From the start Ty strived to find the best financing fit and was relentless to get it done. And he did. We are now very close to completion and cannot wait to have a nice glass of wine in our balcony overlooking the ocean. We are truly grateful to Arroyo Consulting Group and HomeConstructionLoans.com.”
Marcelo & Angela Telles, Homeowners – Pacific Palisades, CA

Pacific PalisadesPacific Palisades, CA

My wife and I had been looking for a construction loan for a while when we came across David and Home Construction Loans.com through their website.  Until then we were trying very painfully to get a loan through a traditional lender.

We had some complicated income issues as I was self-employed, but David stayed with us and was able to get us the right loan and we finished our dream home.   I admit, I was skeptical at first….finding a loan through the internet?  David worked very hard for us and he delivered……my wife and I trust he and Ty implicitly…..thank you guys!
Alex Protasevich, Homeowner/Architect – Pacific Palisades, CA

Dana Point, CA

Dana Point, CA

“I have been in Real Estate my entire career, but when it came to obtaining a construction loan for my family’s home in Dana Point it proved more difficult than I imagined. David was there at every turn to help me through the process, and even though I had already started construction and changed builders he was able to obtain financing. I have come to trust David implicitly and am glad I found him!”
Todd Parriott, Homeowner – Dana Point, CA

Los Angeles, CA

“After checking with many banking and mortgage sources across Los Angeles and California, we were referred to Ty D. Kirkpatrick and Arroyo Consulting Group as being experts with construction lending. Our local mortgage banker had referred other clients to Ty for many Los Angeles, CA2years with great results and felt they would be a good fit for financing construction of our custom home.”

“It has been clear from our initial discussion that Ty and David Sutherland bring a wealth of knowledge and long track record within the home construction-financing niche, something we just couldn’t find anywhere else.

Our project has been rather unique because it was well under construction before we even started the financing process; we had spent well over $100,000 on site grading, excavated a huge amount of dirt and were well into building the foundation. We didn’t understand that the vast majority of lenders won’t touch a project already under construction out of fear of mechanics  liens and being turned down for title insurance coverage.”

“With our project continually under construction, while the loan was being processed, it did add to the time and paperwork involved. However, Ty and David did an excellent job of keeping us apprised of the progress and status of our loan application.  He was able to lock in a single low rate for both the construction and permanent phases with just one loan. He has been highly responsive to our questions and requests, often available during weekend and evening hours. I highly recommend Ty and David to anyone undertaking home construction.”
L. Shur, New Construction After Complete Demolition – Los Angeles, CA

Mulholland Drive, Los AngelesMulholland Highway, Los Angeles, CA

“My husband and I are Foreign Nationals investing in real estate here in the U.S. We had no idea just how difficult it was going to be to get a construction loan just because we were not citizens. David never gave up and finally we now have closed on our loan and ready to start the build. David is the only one we will go to for construction financing.”
Nina & Andreas Grueter, Homeowners/Developers – Mulholland Highway, Los Angeles, CA

Encino, CA

“My jumbo construction loan to build my family’s dream home had been pulled by my lender, as they, like many lenders, had closed down their construction loan department.  For 18 months, I searched for replacement financing and was repeatedly told by a multitude of loan brokers that the construction loan I needed did not exist in the current highly constricted lending market.  I was advised to either abandon the project at a huge loss, or seek a “hard money” loan, for which the high interest rates and points I was quoted were completely unaffordable.”

“After a significant internet search, wasting a good amount time on bogus offerings, I found HomeConstructionLoans.com. I was immediately impressed with their ability to ask the right questions about my construction project and to ferret out the relevant financial information and circumstances.  I was stunned to receive within hours of our conversation a one-page “Loan Estimator”, which set forth in plain English the relevant project and financial information I had provided and the estimated loan terms based thereon, even including an estimate of the cash up-front that would be required.”

“I called a buddy, who was a loan broker for one of the many lenders that turned me down, and he had a good laugh about the loan estimate I received. He told me to call him when the loan funded, as that day would never come.  After Ty D. Kirkpatrick help get my loan funded I called my buddy and he did laugh; except it was the nervous laughter of someone who knew that his competitor could make good on loan terms that his lender could not come close to match. Sometimes when something seems too good to be true, it really is true!”
The Simon Family, New Construction After Complete Demolition – Encino, CA

Thousand Oaks, CAThousand Oaks, CA

“HCL first began by working hard to understand the many facets of our project.  This led to a through and insightful review of our construction plans, budget and construction contract. Lastly, before recommending just the right financing, they helped with completing a detailed background check of our builder. With the substantial amount of money we invested, knowing we had found not just a great home construction loan, but also a sound builder helped us focus more of the finer details of our project.”
Jim & Cindy H., New Construction on Vacant Land – Thousand Oaks, CA

Rancho Palos VerdesRancho Palos Verdes, CA

“I have been a concrete contractor for several years, working on dozens of luxury hillside homes. When it came to building my own home, I relied on the consultants at Home Construction Loans.com to help  arranged very attractive financing. They simplified  the loan and draw process.  The friendly construction draw process we used, and still use on other projects, helps keep our projects moving on time and on budget.”
La Greca Family, New Construction on Vacant Land – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Pacific PalisadesPacific Palisades, CA

My clients and I have worked with the staff at Home Construction Loans.com for nearly 10 years. In December I completed construction of my own home in Pacific Palisades, California. I can say without any doubt they recommended the very best construction-to-permanent loan in America. They were informative, accurate and efficient throughout the entire process. I continue to recommend them to other clients and contractors on a regular basis. Last week I referred them to my very exacting CPA for financing of his own.”
The Petersons, New Construction & Complete Demolition – Pacific Palisades, CA

San Diego, CASan Diego, CA

“My home was under construction when I began looking for financing. I quickly found banks and mortgage lenders were not open to projects already started. I talked with dozens of lenders before I found Home Construction Loans.com through a friend of a friend. They they were able to find $2,100,000 in financing at a rate under 5%.  The icing on the cake was that it came with permanent financing at no additional cost. They continue to have my sincerest recommendation.”
Susan Brown, New Construction on Vacant Land – San Diego, CA

Palos Verdes, CaPalos Verdes, CA

I’ll be very brief, but very clear, the consulting group at HomeConstructionLoans.com did what they said they would, did it on time and at the cost they initially indicated. My family couldn’t be happier with a gorgeous home overlooking the Pacific Ocean.”
Dr. W., New Construction on Vacant Land – Palos Verdes, CA

La CanadaLa Canada, CA

“I first reached out to ACG/HCL after receiving one of their mailings.  Since I had already begun the initial phase of construction I put off calling due to all that was going on.  When I finally reached out to David, I found him to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable in home construction.

I received a rate that was well below my expectations but more than that, they were able to close on my project financing in 29 days!  I set the bar pretty high for these guys and they delivered, now I am thrilled to be moving into our new home this month.” I do wish I would have reached out to them even sooner because I feel it would have saved me more money overall.
J. Wurm, Homeowner – La Canada, CA